Webdesign services available for Level 2 Covid-19

Webdesign are one of New Zealand's most experienced web companies and have put together information on things your website may need for Level 2.
Please choose a link from the selection below:


Does your website have the latest info?

All websites we have built are designed to be easily updated either by your team or ours. You simply MUST have all the latest Covid-19 information on your site as this is where your clients will look.


Upgrade your website

Website years are like doggy years. The technology is continually changing and if your website is not completely up to date, both in the content and in the systems running the site you can get left behind.


Get an online store

There is no doubt that online commerce (or e-commerce) is going to be huge from now on. Is your business ready for it? Would an online store make money? We will take a look at your situation and give you some experienced advice.


Contactless Payments via your website

Contactless payments are an important part of doing business.
Webdesign have developed several options for this.


Get Zoom enquiries from your website

Zoom has taken the online world by storm. Everyone is zooming and now is the time for your company to embrace this technology so that you can keep in touch with your clients safely in a contact-less way.


Send out mass client emails

If you got to this page on our website from a mass email we sent to clients then you can see the power of a mass email working first hand. Webdesign have developed a mass email system along the lines of Mail Chimp but highly customisable and with only your branding. The email can also remain on your website as an archive for as long as you like.