How online contactless payments work

Webdesign can build a system which allows your clients to pay on the website for anything from small parts to an entire car.


1/ Setting up a payment Gateway - we use 
    This allows payments to go directly to your bank account. It is also what is needed if you decide to sell online in the future

2/ Setting up an online system on your site
    This will allow you to login to a system and add 3 fields into a database
    a/ Amount to pay in $NZ
    b/ A reference or invoice number
    c/ name and email address of the person paying

3/ The person paying will then get an invitation by email (you can also text or phone this through)
     They will visit the area of your site and pay online

4/ Confirmation from your bank
     When the system receives confirmation from the bank that the amount has been paid we will email you to inform you of the payment.

This system has a one-off charge of $495 + GST and Sripe charge a small percentage of the payment

Contact us now to set this up