Website Systems and Extranet Design for New Zealand Companies

From automotive websites to corporate websites & custom online stores, we are experts when it comes to designing and building an interactive website that engages visitors & creates leads.

Our websites are designed on a Content Management platform we have been building and improving on for almost 20 years called PowerUpdates - meaning you the client will have the ability to easily make changes yourself with the click of a button!

The system uses the latest Microsoft dot net architecture writing to an SQL database on a NZ based hi-speed server which is backed up every night. 

The website will be built on a level to serve both novice and expert web users and full-training is provided, with the option to leave the updates to the team at Webdesign on a maintenance or hourly rate fee.

There is no software to install to add or edit your website. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser


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